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Cambayan, Basey Samar



This is to give a report on the Cambayan Housing Project. I was able to visit Cambayan  last December 19-29, 2016.  Here are some of the significant updates.



  • The housing construction is on- going. They have lay-out and excavated a number of units. Preparation of the foundation and flooring  had started  2nd week of December.  There are 48 workers on pay roll. Sr. Monette takes charge of the financial aspect while the technical team of the Base Bahay Incorporated oversees the construction.  Engr. Roman  Sales is the project Engineer and another site engineer directly supervises the  construction work.  

  • The adverse weather condition causes delay in the project. Oftentimes it rains.

  • Work boots for construction workers and other gears for safety and protection are procured on a salary deduction- basis.

  • A small office, made up of light weight materials is being constructed.

  • To ensure a smooth and effective  collaboration , a regular  weekly construction meeting  is scheduled (DC, BBI, Barangay official, construction team: foreman etc. )

  • The village leader ( Barangay Captain  ) has  requested additional filling materials from the local government since a portion of the land has  still a low elevation.



  • An Advent recollection was given to the beneficiaries  in 3 Batches.  First Batch Zone 1&2 , 2nd batch Zone 3&4 , 3rd Batch – Construction workers.

They were very appreciative of the recollection experience.  They look forward  for more spiritual formation  in the coming days.

  • There are plans to discuss the “sweat labor equity” with the beneficiaries this January.

  • The  workers start their day with a prayer for protection and guidance.




  • The team of Sisters had an initial meeting to define  responsibilities and coordination among them. They also discussed some present concerns in the construction. 

  •  Sr. Monette  is alone in Cambayan, she lives in a rented house in San Antonio, a neighboring barangay;  while Sr. Fe Rosalie who is based in Tanauan Leyte, comes every now and then for formation needs /community organizing. I was tasked to assist and make a monthly visit to the Cambayan mission. It would be better if Sr. Monette  has a Sister companion  as a support to the mission.

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