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The DC Social Welware & Development Ministry Today


                    “ Take care of the service of the poor...”
                                                            (SLM: Spiritual Testament, SW p.835)

Recognized as historical landmarks in the regions where they are, all the DC social service institutions can look back to long histories of transforming service:


                    Hospicio de San Jose (Manila) – 200 years
                    Asilo de San Vicente de Paul (Manila) – 125 years
                    Asilo de Molo (Iloilo) – 100 years
                    Asilo de la Milagrosa (Cebu City) – 75 years
                    St. Vincent's Home (Bacolod City) – 50 yearsServing with creative charity and commitment,

the DCs with their lay mission partners, strive to tend the fire of charity in response to the urgent needs of the time.

Through the years, the DCs in the social service ministry have committed themselves to:

                   … caring for, protecting and developing children and youth faced
                        with difficult and risky situations

                   … training students through alternative learning systems to achieve
                       competency and skills

                   … providing a safe home away from home and spiritual accompaniment
                        for students, young professionals, transient groups and individuals in crisis

                   … offering sanctuary for trafficked and abused women and children

                   … engaging in forms of intervention that address issues like hunger and
                        poverty, primary education, migration and HIV–Aids

                   … promoting environmental sustainability

                    … providing community–based development programs for indigent families:
                        micro-credit finance, health services, pastoral care, and life skills support
                        to older persons

                    … strengthening collaboration with other social service institutions, NGOs, Church groups, etc.

                    … intensifying local resource mobilization


Constantly meeting the challenges set before them, the DC social service ministry has been recognized in various ways, by different groups, for its innovative endeavors and quality service.

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